Drink the freshest coffee in the world!

There's only one place to get it, and that's straight from the roaster... either the one at your local roastery, or the one in your own home... If you're not already roasting your own green arabica coffee beans, you may be well on the way down the path.   ;-)

Get exactly what you want!

Have you ever ordered a pound of a certain bean just to try it out? ... say, a nice Costa Rican Tarrazu...
  "Wow! That's some great coffee!   I've just got to get 20 pounds of that!"

Only thing is... the 20 pounds arrives and you roast some up, but the acidity isn't so lively, the body not as velvety, and the flavor just doesn't tickle your palate like the original sample did.

The supplier probably ran out of that specific lot, and is now stocking from a different shipment. Sure, it's still Costa Rican Tarrazu; just not from the same lot you sampled. That sure would have been nice to know in advance, wouldn't it...

Buy either green coffee beans or roasted coffee beans from Two Loons Coffee, and...

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