you always know exactly what you're getting!

Coffee origins might be only designated by country, for instance, "Burundi AA," or they might be very specific... right down to the plantation, like "Panama Serengueti Especial EP Finca Miraflores Renacimiento SHB."

Specific origins are definitely helpful. The more information you have about your coffee, the better... still, no matter how specifically the origin is pinpointed, when you go to order the "same" coffee you had last time, you can never know for certain you'll get the exact same thing unless...

...you know the "bag marks!"

Bag Marks are the Key!

Each lot that goes through the processor gets its own unique number which is stenciled onto all the bags it goes into. If you get a sample of Ethiopian Longberry Harrar with bag marks 010/0024/0055 , and then order from those same bag marks a few months later, you know that both orders are coming from the same lot... no guessing, no uncertainty.

We propagate that "pedigree" by labelling our coffee with those same bagmarks... which are also designated on the info pages for each bean. You always know if what you're ordering this time is the same great coffee you loved last time...

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