New sign:   It's 2' x 3'. I was going for effect rather than detail, so just used spray paint. This was the practice sign for the 3' x 5' one that went on the fence.

They:   have been married since 1976. They began Two Loons Coffee a half mile from Bow Lake, (Strafford, NH) a nesting spot for several pairs of common loons which regularly break the morning stillness with their haunting calls.

Coffee reared its insistent head from the very beginning with the Eight O'clock beans that had to be ground each day in a hand grinder of cast iron and wood.   Though they occasionally had to go back to using canned coffee over the years, the bean always beckoned.
steve at the IRC-12

Steve:   was roastmaster at Port City Coffee Roasters in Portsmouth, NH (2001-2003), where he roasted some 45,000 lbs. of coffee per year on this Diedrich 12K IRC. He enjoys his espresso straight, and likes vac pot coffee best, but drinks drip for convenience.
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Millenium Quattro
Millenium Quattro 15K.
Deb:   is a registered nurse who would rather think of herself as a weaver. She prefers her espresso cut with milk, but only if he makes the cappas for her... too much trouble to do for herself. French press coffee tastes best to her, but as with him, drip usually wins out on convenience.
The day the roaster was new (Oct 2003)

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