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Help! I don't know my latitude and longitude!

This form, courtesy of the geocoder.us site can probably help... US residents anyway, since the data comes from the US census bureau. (If your address is in the geocoder database, the coordinates are usually accurate to within a hundred yards or so)

Enter a US address or intersection, e.g. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.
You must include a city and state OR a ZIP code.

If that one couldn't find the coordinates of your address, this worldwide database probably can.

If you want to spend more time to get it GPS accurate, load up this google map and double-click yourself to center, zoom in 3 or 4 levels, double click to center again, zoom, etc. Eventually you can get close enough that (if you're in a population center) you can click the satellite option and even make out your house.
Once there... look below the map, and you'll find the lat/long of the center of your map.