Tweaking the Bodum Antigua for Espresso

Not having had the presence of mind to pay attention to the "factory" setting when I originally did this, I can't really say something definitive like "rotate the index plate 3 holes counterclockwise" though that certainly works for a trial and error method.   For now, I'll take it apart and show how to get it to where I've found works well for me. Matter of fact, with the grinder adjusted like this, I never have to go all the way to the portafilter symbol. One notch away generally gives about a 35-40 second shot, so right around one notch and a third, from the finest setting, or even half way between the portafilter and drip symbols, is generally my starting point.   Then a nice grind for drip is obtained one notch finer than perk... and of course, we don't worry about ever needing anything as course as perk.   ;-)

First, rotate the hopper counterclockwise as far as it'll go.   It then lifts right out leaving this.

hopper off

Remove the upper housing half and the burr/carrier.

antigua laid bare

Remove the "adjustment" ring to expose the detent plate.   Notice the "index" finger just clockwise from the microswitch. Also notice where the actual trip for the switch is.   Now, turn the detent plate counterclockwise as far as it will go. (if it isn't already)


(Somewhere along in here, you'll want to dump, blow, vacuum, and whatever other cleaning method suits you.)

The adjustment ring goes back on with one of the notches set 3 holes counterclockwise from the finger. That also happens to be pretty close to being lined up with the switch trip on mine.


The alternate "trial and error" method I mentioned earlier is to just raise the adjustment ring, rotate the detent ring about two holes clockwise, and drop the adjustment ring right back in the same position. IOW, rotate the detent ring clockwise relative to the index ring. Reassemble, and see if it'll grind fine enough. If so, you're set. If not, another couple o' clicks ought to do it.

Voila... an espresso grinder for less than $40 (I got mine when Target was clearing them   8^)>.

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